Bulk download in public collection link

You can download all the assets or a single asset from the public link using the download functionality. The downloads are packaged in a ZIP file.

The downloadable ZIP file is updated as you include assets in a public collection or remove assets from a public collection, so users download the most up-to-date collection.

Renditions selected in the public link collections settings are used for the downloaded renditions. So, if the Medium and Original renditions are selected, then the external user receives all the assets selected in these two renditions.


The default renditions are Medium and Original and that you can change this default selection from the PublicCollectionDownloadRenditions settings. For more details, see Settings.

The available download options are:

  • Click Download all to download all assets in the collection.

  • Click Download to download a single asset in the collection. There is a selection of renditions to download, which are included in the ZIP file. The default selection of renditions is Original and Medium.


Localizations are not supported in the public collection download.


For additional information about bulk downloads in public collection links, watch the How to bulk download a public collection video.

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