Cropping options

There are four cropping options:

  • Don't crop
  • Crop to center
  • Smart crop
  • Custom crop

Don't crop

Don't Crop provides a rendition that can be resized, but the aspect ratio is locked: as the height changes, the width changes accordingly and vice versa:

DimensionsOriginal Rendition/ Public link
Original - Output dimensions 6000 x 4000 px
Don't crop - Output dimensions 3000 x 2000 px

Crop to center

Crop to center provides a rendition that can be resized with the aspect ratio unlocked. This option positions the crop box to the center of the image:

DimensionsOriginal Rendition/ Public link
Original - Output dimensions 3088 x 4624 px
Crop to center - Output dimensions 1000 x 2000 px

Smart crop

Smart crop intelligently examines the content of an image and automatically focuses on its most important for cropping. Smart crop provides an automatic search of the image for edges, skin tones, and areas of saturated color, and attempts to position the crop box over the most significant feature. The width and height values specify the dimensions of the cropped area:

DimensionsOriginal Rendition/ Public link
Original - Output dimensions 5000 x 7502 px
Smart crop - Output dimensions 1000 x 600 px

Custom crop

Custom crop allows you to manually select the aspect ratio from a list of preset values. It also lets you resize the image using the width and height values and manually adjust the cropping box in the preview panel. You can then use the selection to crop using this aspect ratio value dynamically. Clicking the icon reverses the cropping box dimensions:

You can also use the selection tool to create your own dimensions for the image crop visually:

Custom crop displays the aspect ratio field, offering the following preset values.

CommonFree, 16:9, 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, Original, Square.
FacebookFacebook Cover Photo, Facebook Event Image, Facebook Highlighted Image, Facebook Shared Image.
InstagramInstagram Photo, Instagram Stories.
LinkedInLinkedIn Banner Image, LinkedIn Company Cover Image, LinkedIn Company Photos, LinkedIn Hero Photo, LinkedIn Personal Background Image, LinkedIn Shared Image, LinkedIn Shared Link.
TwitterTwitter Header Photo, Twitter In-Stream Photo.
YouTubeYouTube Channel Cover Art, YouTube Channel Profile Image.

The new image dimensions must always be smaller than the dimensions of the original image. You can customize the aspect ratio values in Sitecore Digital Asset Management™.

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