Collections page

The Collections page lists all the collections in your Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)™ that you created or are shared with you. The page displays the collections in either a grid or table view. To access the Collections page, on the menu bar, click Collections.

This document describes the user interface (UI) items of the Collections page.

Grid view

The UI items of the grid view are as follows:

1Search box​
2Display and sorting options
3Collection tile (click to open the collection detail page)​
4Add to selection/Remove from selection checkbox​
5Edit button​
6Delete button​ (to delete an individual collection)
7Delete button (operation to delete the selected collections)​
8Show selected only button​
9Copy to clipboard button​
10Select all/Clear selection checkbox​
11Select all/Select none drop-down list​
12+ Collection button (click to create a new collection)​

Table view

When switching to the table view, the UI items are as follows:

1Collection row (click anywhere in the row to open the collection detail page)​
2Edit button​
3Delete button​
4Columns button (click and select/deselect any checkbox to display/hide a column)​
5Add to selection/Remove from selection checkbox​
6Collection thumbnail​
7View mode button (click and select Grid to switch to the grid view​)

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