Create page

From the Create page, you can upload new assets in your Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)™. The page displays the asset files that you created but did not submit for review yet. You can see these files in either a grid or table view. To access the Create page, on the menu bar, click Create.

This document describes the user interface (UI) items of the Create page.

Grid view

The UI items of the grid view are as follows:

1Link to Project incoming page, where you can manage the assets sent for review using the Send to DAM operation.
2Search facet​
3Open advanced selection button​
4Expand/Collapse button​
5Search box​
6Display and sorting options
7​Asset tile (click to open the asset details page)​
8Add to selection/Remove from selection checkbox​
9Inline preview button​
10Submit for approval button​ (to submit an individual asset)
11Delete button​ (to delete an individual asset)
12Submit for approval button (operation to submit all selected assets)
13Edit in table button​ (operation to edit all selected assets in a table)
14Delete button (operation to delete all selected assets)​
15Show all items (for more operations)​
16Select all/Clear selection checkbox​
17Select all/Select none drop-down list​
18Upload files button (click to create new assets)

Table view

When switching to the table view, the UI items are as follows:

1Add to selection/Remove from selection checkbox​
2Asset thumbnail​
3View mode button (click and select Grid to switch to the grid view​)
4Asset row (click anywhere in the row to open the asset details page)​
5Columns button (click and select/deselect any checkbox to display/hide a column)​

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