Review page

From the Review page, you can review the new assets submitted from the Create page in your Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)™ to approve or reject them. To access the page, on the menu bar, click Review.

The user interface (UI) items of the Review page are as follows:

1Search facet​
2Open advanced selection button​
3Expand/collapse button​
4Search box​
5Display and sorting options
6Add to selection/Remove from selection checkbox​
7Asset tile (click to open the asset details page)​
8Inline preview button​
9Approve button​ (to approve an individual asset)
10Reject button​ (to reject an individual asset)
11Approve button (operation to approve all selected assets)​
12Reject button (operation to reject all selected assets)​
13Edit in table button​ (operation to edit all selected assets in a table)
14Show all items button (for more operations)​
15Select all/Clear selection checkbox​
16Select all/Select none drop-down list​

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