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You can freely access part of the Sitecore Content Hub™ documentation platform (including this document). However, you must authenticate to access restricted documents.

The Unauthorized access page appears if you are not authenticated or if you do not have the required access to view a document. In this case, log in or request a higher access level to view the document.

To log in to the documentation platform:

  1. On the top right of the page, click Log in.
  2. On the SITECORE Stylelabs Docs authentication page, provide your Sitecore email address.
  3. Click LOG IN.

Logging in redirects you to the page you logged in from.


If you are already logged in to the documentation platform on another page of the browser, clicking Log in keeps you on the current page.

The following table describes the available access levels available:

Access levelDescription
PublicThe documentation for most major releases is publicly accessible.
ExternalThe external level access is provided by default with your Content Hub account. Logging in with a valid Sitecore email address gives you access to major and minor releases.

If you have a persisting authentication issue, contact us.

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