Integration with CMP

The MRM-CMP integration is a feature that enables managers and contributors in MRM to manage CMP content directly within projects.

Enabling MRM-CMP integration

Before being able to use CMP content in MRM, the superuser needs to enable the 'M.Content' entity definition for Projects. For more information about enabling a definition for Projects, please see Enabling a definition in Projects.

Using MRM-CMP integration

After the MRM-CMP integration is enabled, users can start utilizing CMP content in MRM in a similar way as assets and fragments. All the changes are instantly reflected in both solutions.

Creating a Content item

Content items can be created in the MRM Projects just like any other assets or fragments, by clicking on the Add button.

Click on the Content button to add a new Content item.

In the opened modal window, enter the information related to the Content item to create.

The user can set the type of Content by clicking on the Add type button.

After clicking on the Create button, the created content item will appear in the gallery of the project.


Creating a Content item from MRM sets the state of the Content item to In progress. After approval through tasks, the state is set to Final.

Importing a Content item

Users can also import the existing Content items from CMP into MRM. To achieve this, click on the Add button as before.

Next, select the Link items option to see the available Content items that can be linked to the project.

Select the desired Content item from the list then click on Add to link it to the project.

Adding as attachment

Content items can also be created or imported when assigning attachments to a project.

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