Content details page

The content details page contains the description and related metadata for the content item. From the content details page, you can edit your content. You can open the content details page by clicking Content on the menu bar and selecting Search. Clicking a content item opens the content details page.

In the top-right corner of the content details page, a button displays the transition state of the content item in Sitecore CMP state flow (for example, Start, Send for review, and Done ).

On the right side of the content details page, there are three tabs that contain the content item metadata:

You can also access More actions such as Create draft, Duplicate, Localize, and so on.


The Strategy tab contains two sections that you can edit. The What – Who – Where – When – Why section provides information on the content publication, and the Brief assets section groups the linked brief assets. An indicator at the top of the tab indicates the percentage of completion. When you add strategy input, the completion percentage increases.

You can define the following properties on the Strategy tab:

Publication statusSelection listPublication status of the content item.Pending, Partially failed, Partially published, Failed, or PublishedNo
TypeTagPre-filled content type. You cannot modify it.A content typeYes
AudienceSelection listTarget audiences for the content.Target audiencesNo
Channel accountsSelection listChannel accounts on which the content item is published.Channel accountsNo
RegionSelection listGeographical location of the publication.A regionNo
Publication dateDateTimePublication date of the content item.DateTime valueNo
BriefCKEditorShort description of the publication.Formatted textNo
Story pointsNumerical valueMetric used to represent the total amount of work required to fully implement a task.Numerical valueNo


The Details tab displays data you input during content creation or provided from the association with a campaign. It contains three sections:

  • General - information about the content publication and its attached campaigns.
  • Assignment - details on the users assigned to the current campaign step.
  • System - system metadata.

You can edit the General section from the detail page but not the other sections.

You can edit the following properties on the Details tab:

NameStringTitle of the content item.String valueYes
CampaignSelection listCampaign attached to the content item.A campaignNo
LocaleSelection listLocalization of the content item.Localization valueNo
Master asset is contentSwitchSets the attachment as the content.On/OffNo
Expiration dateDateTimeExpiration date of the content item.DateTime valueNo
Published onDateTimePublication date of the content item.DateTime valueNo
Dynamic publish date (obsolete)SwitchPublishes the content item dynamically X days after the associated campaign stat date.On/OffNo
Days from campaign start (obsolete)Numerical valueNumber of days from the campaign start after which the content item is published.Numerical valueNo
TagsSelection listDescriptive tags associated with the content item.TagsNo
ImpactNumerical valueImpact metric value.Numerical valueNo
Content collectionsContent collectionContent collections that the content item is part of.Content collectionNo
StatusTagStatus in the strategy planing.State flow valueYes
PublicationsSelection listPublications associated with the content item.PublicationsNo

When you select the Master asset is content checkbox on the Details tab, you lock the content item and, as a result, you can no longer edit it.

Project info

The Sitecore MRM-CMP integration lets managers and contributors in Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM) create and manage Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) contents in their projects and tasks. The Project info tab fetches and displays project-related information from Sitecore MRM.


To see the Project info tab, you need to enable the Sitecore MRM-CMP integration.

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