You use annotations to comment on assets when reviewing content. This is useful when you want to provide feedback or collaborate with other reviewers. In the following example, the reviewer used the Highlight tool, the Freehand text tool, the Shape tool, and the Comment tool.


To create and read annotations, you require the necessary permissions.

The following table describes the annotation tools available.

ToolsIconUse to ...
FreehandDraw annotation markups and specify the line thickness and color.
ShapeHighlight annotations using a rectangle, ellipse, line, or arrow. The icon on the toolbar reflects the shape tool.
CommentAdd annotations about assets.
TextAnnotate PDF assets and specify the highlight color and style.
SearchSearch for text in a PDF with options to make the search case-sensitive, match the whole world, or use a wildcard.
View controlsChange the layout of the page, the page transition, or to rotate the page.

You can also add annotations to a video or audio file.

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