Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) prevents the unauthorized use and download of restricted assets. In Sitecore Content Hub, DRM is implemented using:

  • DRM flows, which determine the workflow that assets under DRM go through before a download is possible.
  • Digital contracts, which identify assets under DRM and define the rights profiles that determine who has access, in which territory, for which media, and for how long.

By default, when an asset is restricted, you cannot download the asset and a watermark is automatically added to the asset preview. Following the DRM flow, to download the asset, you must request permission. If the intended use is valid and the request is approved, permission is granted to download the asset.

When your Content Hub solution includes DRM, the Assets page displays a USAGE RIGHTS filter. This filter lets you search for and retrieve only those assets you can use according to their intended use.


DRM information related to a specific asset is displayed on the Rights tab of the asset details page.

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