Request download of restricted assets

When an asset is restricted, you must follow the restriction flow. To download an asset, you need to request permission and specify its intended use.


The DRM feature is configured by default to work with the MRM solution. To use the DRM Email flow, the DRM configuration must be updated as described in the configuration section.

To make a download request:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, find the asset you want to download.

  3. To open the asset details page, click the asset.

  4. On the asset details page, click Download, then select Request download .

  5. In the Request download dialog box, fill out the following parameters.

    StartDateTimeStarting date from which you will use the asset.Yes
    EndDateTimeEnd date by which you stop using the asset.Yes
    TerritoriesSelection listGeographical locations where you will use the asset.Yes
    MediaSelection listTypes of media in which you will use the asset.Yes
  6. Click Check rights.

    If the intended use complies with the restriction protocol, you can download the asset. If it does not comply, a notification appears in the Request download dialog box. You can then either edit your download request or request the authorization to download.

To request the authorization to download:


This procedure assumes you just made a download request, and the usage you provided is invalid.

  1. In the Request download dialog box, click Request authorization.

  2. Provide your reason for wanting to download the asset.

  3. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of use.

  4. Click Send request

    When reviewed by an approver, an email message notifies you when your request is approved. You can then download the asset from Sitecore Content Hub or use the link provided in the notification email


You can track the created request on the DRM Requests page or the Tasks page.


When you select both restricted and unrestricted assets for mass download, the assets are split into two groups. You can directly download the unrestricted ones, but you need to provide the intended use for the restricted assets.

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