Mass edit from asset or template

Sitecore Content Hub lets you perform a mass edit based on templates or existing assets. Selecting an asset or a template as the source copies the source properties to the selected assets.


If the mass edit source contains a one-to-one (1-1) relation, the mass edit job fails for all the assets except the first one on the list, because the 1-1 relation cannot apply to more than one asset.

To mass edit using an existing asset or a template:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, select the assets you want to edit.

  3. Click More actions , then select Edit .

  4. Click the From asset tab or the From template tab, depending on the source type you want to use.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Select an asset in the list and click OK.

  7. Optionally, edit the auto-generated values, click Edit .

  8. Click Apply.


When using a pre-configured source for an edit, make sure that the metadata fields in the source match those in the selected assets.

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