Trim video assets

Sitecore Content Hub lets you trim video assets. You can save or download trimmed sections as a new rendition of the video. Trimming creates new video assets without going through the whole creation process, adding value to all existing video assets.

To trim a video:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. Search for the video asset you want and click it.

  3. On the asset details page, click Download.

  4. Select Custom download.

  5. On the custom download page, click Trim.

  6. Drag the yellow tabs to select the required start and end of the trimmed video.

  7. Click Done.

    The trimmed section shows next to the yellow tabs on the play bar at the bottom of the video preview.

  8. Set the custom download parameters.

    FormatDrop-down listFormat of the video.Video formats configured in your solution.Yes
    FilenameStringName of the asset file.String valueNo
    Save renditionToggle switchIf enabled, saves the trimmed video as a new rendition on the asset details page.Enabled/DisabledNo
    Rendition nameStringName of the new asset rendition.String valueYes. Only if Save rendition is enabled.
    DescriptionStringDescription of the asset.String valueYes. Only if Save rendition is enabled.
  9. Click Download.

As a result, a download job starts in the background. You can see the download status on your Background processes page.


To use asset properties in the filename, put the property name between curly brackets (such as {Title}).

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