Make a collection public

You can make collections public as external download pages and share their non-restricted assets with external users.

To make a collection public:

  1. On the menu bar, click Collections.

  2. On the Collections page, click the collection you want to publish.

  3. On the collection details page, click Share link .

  4. To make the collection public, in the Share link dialog box, turn on Enable page.

  5. To modify the link parameters, click Link settings.

  6. In the Link settings dialog box, edit the parameters you want.

    URL pathStringURL of the public collection download page. Automatically generated when you turn on Enable page, but you can modify it manually.String valueYes
    Single asset download renditionSelection listRenditions available when downloading individual assets from the public collection download page.RenditionsYes
    Link expirationDrop-down listExpiration date of the link.7 days, 30 days, or a specific expiration date.No
  7. Click Save.

To share a public collection, you can copy and share the link, or you can send an email to external users.

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