Share searches and selections

Saved searches and saved selections are similar. After you save a search or save a selection, you can share it with other users.

To share a saved search:

  1. On the menu bar, click the Profile and settings .

  2. Select My searches.

  3. On the My searches page, next to the saved search you want to share, click More actions and select Share .

    This generates a URL that you can share with other users.


Users must have a valid Content Hub user account to access the shared search.

To share a saved selection:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, click the Saved tab.

  3. Next to the saved selection you want to share, click Actions and select Settings.

  4. In the dialog box, click Add users and, in the Add users dialog box, click the check boxes next to those users you want to share the selection with, and click Add.

  5. Click Save.


When you share a saved selection, security policies and permissions apply to the assets in the saved selection.

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