The configuration for CHILI publisher integration is found on the Settings page, which is located under Manage:

The information required for the CHILI configuration must be filled in by a Superuser. The Endpoint, User, Password, and Environment values are provided by CHILI publish upon purchase of the Print module.

Therefore, by default, the ChiliConfiguration settings are empty.

The ChiliConfiguration settings are found under the Chili menu on the Settings page. Click on the Chili option to extend the menu and select ChiliConfiguration:

Enter the details provided by CHILI publish for:

  • Endpoint
  • User
  • Password
  • Environment

The connectivity of the ChiliConfiguration can be tested via the button.

If the connection is successful, a green box with the message Connection successful is displayed in the bottom right corner. The functionality of CHILI publisher can then be used:

If the connection is unsuccessful, a red box with the message Connection failed is displayed in the bottom right corner. The superuser must check the values they have entered:

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