Enable in Projects

Before you can enable an entity definition in projects, on the entity definition details page, click Actions to open the Settings dialog box and provide:

  • a label, which is unique to the entity definition.
  • a display template, which consists of a property name surrounded by curly braces (for example, {name}).

When you enable an entity definition in Projects, Sitecore Content Hub™:

  • extends the entity definition with the relations and properties required for Projects.
  • creates a basic detail page that shows all member groups (except system).
  • extends the default detail page with project-related information.
  • extends the Search, Creation, and Selection components to enable entity definition search and selection.

Enabling an entity definition in Project does not update role-based security. Manually extending security role templates can impact system performance.

To enable an entity definition in Projects:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Schema.

  3. On the Schema page, click the entity definition you want to enable in Projects.

  4. On the entity definition page, click Actions and select Enable/Disable.

  5. Click the Projects switch to turn it on and then click Done.


To reverse your changes, click the Projects switch to disable the entity definition and deny access to the detail pages of the entity definition.

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