Taxonomies and on-the-fly entity creation

The on-the-fly entity creation functionality of Sitecore Content Hub™ provides superusers with a fast way to extend taxonomies without compromising security. You can quickly add a taxonomy without opening a new dialog box or navigating to a different page. This also lets you extend the hierarchical tree of a taxonomy.

When you use the on-the-fly entity creation feature, suggested values are provided based on a lookahead search as you type in a value. However, you can still create a new value if suggested values are not what you want.

On-the-fly entity creation is available at the member level of the Details component.

Configure on-the-fly creation

The following example illustrates how to configure on-the-fly entity creation for the Asset details page, for the Region taxonomy.

To configure on-the-fly creation:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Taxonomy and create a taxonomy with a name and label called Region.

  3. On the Taxonomy Management page for the Region taxonomy, click Add to add the following members:

    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • North America
    • Oceania
    • South America

    The Name and Label fields have the same value.

  4. On the menu bar, click Manage and, on the Manage page, click Schema.

  5. On the Schema page, select M.Asset and, on the Overview tab, click New member.

  6. In the New member dialog box, in the Taxonomy section, click Select.

  7. Define the following parameters, and click Save.

    Associated definitionRegion
  8. Click Apply changes to publish the changes and allow the visibility of the member.

  9. On the Manage page, click Pages.

  10. Click + Page to create a detail page for the Region taxonomy definition entering the values shown in the following example, and then click Add. This detail page is used to enable the on-the-fly entity creation in the Asset details page.

  11. On the RegionTaxonomy detail page, in the MAIN ZONE, click Add component to add an Entity details component to the detail page.

  12. On the RegionTaxonomy detail page, click Entity details and, on the component detail page, turn the Main switch to On and verify that the Name and Label members are visible.

  13. Click Save and close.

Enable on-the-fly creation

To enable the on-the-fly creation feature:

  1. On the Manage page, click Pages and go to the detail page where the on-the-fly creation needs to be enabled, for example, the Asset details page. The on-the-fly entity creation feature is enabled in the required Details component of the page.

  2. In the Details component, click More options and select Edit.

  3. On the Members tab, in the Visible members section, next to the taxonomy you just defined (for example, Geography), click the icon.

  4. In the taxonomy dialog box, on the Functionality tab, turn the Create entities on the fly switch to On.

  5. From the Creation window modal list, choose one of the following:

    • Small modal
    • Medium modal
    • Large modal
    • Extra large modal
    • Drawer
  6. Next to the Creation detail page field, click + Add, select a detail page (for example, RegionTaxonomy), and click OK.

  7. Click OK to close the taxonomy dialog box and then click Save and close.

Validate the on-the-fly feature

To see the create values on the fly feature:

  1. On the entity detail page where the feature is enabled (for example, the Asset details page), click Edit .

  2. In the Overview panel, in the Geography field, (that is, the member related to the Region taxonomy), click Add .

  3. In the Geography dialog box, select a Region. The lookahead functionality suggests results based on the taxonomy elements that contain the entered characters. Suggestions are limited to the first ten results.


You can also click Create new to add a new taxonomy element below the root taxonomy grouping.

When you create a taxonomy that has a parent or child item, the < and > symbols are initially missing from the new element because these symbols show if the taxonomy items have related paths. The calculation of related paths is not immediate and may take some time. Once the calculation is complete, the symbols are added to the new items.


Title and Label are required fields when creating a hierarchical taxonomy element. If you define only the Title, the label is numerical, for example 33650.

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