Digital rights management

Digital rights management (DRM) schemes are various access control technologies used to restrict the usage of copyrighted works.

The DRM functionality of Sitecore Content Hub includes:

  • Managing contracts and rights
  • Live filtering of allowed assets for specific intended use
  • Auto-approving licensed content when users provide the correct intended use
  • An additional workflow with manual approval or extension requests

To enable DRM on the asset level, superusers must classify the asset as Restricted. It disables download rights for standard users, makes the medium rendition watermarked, and enforces the users to go through a usage restriction workflow before downloading.

The main concepts of DRM are:

  • Rights profile: an electronic record that holds one right for x assets following a defined schema.
  • Contract: bundles multiple rights profiles and provides additional data and possible contract files.

This section explains how to configure and make use of DRM rights profiles and contracts.

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