Operations overview

The Entity operations component in Sitecore Content Hub defines which operations are available on an entity detail page or a Selection component. The list of available operations depends on the page's entity definition or entity definitions.


The operations and the related entities are as follows:

Add labelAdd a label.Asset
Add to entityThe Add to entity operation links entities to parent entities.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Add to saved selectionUsers can share selections of assets with other users.Asset / Collection / Content
AnnotateAnnotations are a method to comment on any type of content. The main purpose of annotations is to review content by giving feedback. Users can collaborate adding new comments and replying to other comments.Asset
API keysYou need an authentication API key to access both the Preview API and the Delivery API.Collections
ApproveAssets in review can be approved. Other examples include; MRM jobs and CMP flow.Asset
ArchiveEntity objects in a State flow can be archived, which is usually the final stage in a state flow. Examples of archiving are archived assets.Asset
Assign state flowsAdd an entity to a state flow.Asset / Collections / Content / Print / Product / Project
Attach to campaignAttach content to a campaign.Content
Check inChecks in the previously checked out asset back into Content Hub.Asset
Check outChecks out the asset to InDesignAsset
Create draftUsing the drafts feature, you edit items without directly applying the changes to the original item versions. You can also save a modified item as a standalone item. Drafts allow you to adapt and reuse items while maintaining the original item's intent, style, tone, and context.Asset / Content
Create variantUsing the variants feature, you create variants of existing entities to customize content for a specific target group (for example, audience, market, country, culture).Content / Product
Create public linksPublic links allow users to share assets with external people who do not have permission to download the assets. This functionality provides an unsigned public link to any pre-generated file rendition of an asset. Content Hub can auto-generate a publicly accessible link to all the existing Renditions of an Asset.Asset
DeleteDeletes an object or objects.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Detach from original
Direct publishDirect publish moves an asset or assets directly from the created status to the DAM, without passing through the Review status.Asset
Discard checkoutYour file is removed from your OneDrive, and the asset in Content Hub will be unlocked.Asset
Download OneDriveYour file is uploaded from Content Hub to your OneDrive, but the file is not tracked, so the assets remain unlocked.Asset
DownloadDownload an asset or assets.Asset / Collections / Content
DuplicateCreate a copy of an original entity.Content
Edit in tableThe Edit in table functionality allows you to mass update the metadata of multiple selected assets.Asset
EditEdit allows you to edit the common properties of a single asset or multiple assets at once.Asset
External actionsAdd an external action to an entity.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Find duplicate filesFinds duplicates assets.Asset
Generate PDFGenerates a PDF allows users to generate a PDF file from a list of entities.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
LocalizeLocalize the content. Localize allows you to adapt content or campaigns for a defined localization.Content
Move to trashMoves asset or assets to trashAsset
OneDrive checkoutYour files are uploaded to your OneDrive and the assets are in Content Hub.Asset
OneDrive downloadYour file is download from Content Hub to your OneDrive, but the file is not tracked, so the assets remain unlocked.Asset
Overwrite valuesDefines how the values of a variant are created and which fields are to be overwritten.Content
PreviewView a preview of the entity.Asset
Publish to delivery platformPublish entity definition or publish entity definition members.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Quick editAllows you to make quick edit to an asset or assets.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Refresh renditionsRefreshes the renditions of an entity, such as an asset.Asset
RefreshRefresh the entity.Asset / Print / Product / Project
RejectReject stops an asset from moving from Under review status to Approved status, and returns the asset to the Created status.Asset
Remove from collectionRemoves an asset or assets from a collection.Asset / Collection / Content
Remove from saved selectionRemoves asset or assets from saved selection.Asset / Collection / Content
Remove labelRemoves label from asset or assets.Asset
Request downloadRequest download of asset or assets.Asset
RestoreRestores an asset or assets from TrashAsset
SaveSave any changes made to an ntity or entities.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Save as newSaves the edited draft as a new version of the entity.Content
Send to DAMSend to DAM moves the asset or assets from review status to approved status.Asset
Share via emailYou can configure the share via email feature to share assets directly with internal and external recipients through email. This feature enables you to share multiple assets with multiple recipients and simplifies the process of downloading assets.Asset / Collections
State flow transitionsSee the details on the entity status in the associated state flows.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
Submit for approval (publish draft)Submit draft for approval.Asset / Content
Submit for approvalSubmits the asset or assets for approval.Asset
SubmitSubmits the asset or assets for approval.Asset
Toggle switchAdds a toggle switch to the field of an asset. Toggle switch are used for Boolean choices such as enabling or disabling features.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
UnarchiveUnarchive an asset.Asset
UnlinkUnlink for a related entity object.Asset
UnlockUnlock assets, which have been locked. For example, assets checked out by the OneDrive checkout.Asset
Unpublish from delivery platformUnpublish entity definitions or unpublish entity definition members.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
UploadUpload allows you to upload a new file. For example, to upload a new file as a version of an asset.Asset
UsageUsage shows where the asset is being used.Asset
User accessDefine user access to content collections.Collection
Use direct linkProvides access to the direct or gateway linkAsset
VariantsLists variants of the original entity.Content
Version historyVersion history provides a running list of the changes that have occurred in the entity over its lifetime.Content
View ancestor detailsView the detail page of the content's ancestor.Content
View detail pageView the details page of the entity.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
View detailsView the details of the entity.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project
View draftView the draft or a variant that was created from an original entity.Content
View originalView the original content that was used to create a draft or a variant.Content
View related entityView related entity. An Entity Relation Object contains links to the related Entity Resources for an entity relation.Asset / Collection / Content / Print / Product/ Project

Operations related to variants and drafts are not shown unless the entity has Variants and Drafts.

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