Chart filter

Use the Chart filter component to add a time dimension to a chart. By default, when you add a Chart filter to a page, the charts displayed on the page show the available data for the last 30 days.

Apply a chart filter

To apply a chart filter with dates:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage and, on the Manage page, click Pages.

  2. In the sitemap, select the page to which you want to add a Chart filter component.

  3. On the Layout tab, in the zone where you want to place the component, click Add component (+).

  4. In the Add component dialog box, select the Chart filter component and, in the Title field, enter a title.

  5. To make the component visible, turn on the Visible switch and then click Add.

  6. Click the Chart filter component to open the component detail page.

  7. In the Chart filter panel, click Choose date.

  8. In the from box, choose a start date.
  9. In the to box, choose an end date.
  10. To update the chart, click Update.

In the following example, the data is filtered from Dec 3, 2020 to Dec 7, 2020:

To apply a chart filter with a quick filter:

  1. In the Chart filter panel, click Quick filters.
  2. Select the desired filter: the chart updates automatically.

In the following example, the Quick filter Last 24 hours is applied:

Add a new quick filter

To create a new quick filter:

  1. Set the filter parameters in the Add filter panel:

    The parameters are.

    LabelStringLabel of the filterLabel of the filterMandatory
    Time offsetNumerical stringNumber of Periods the filter takes into accountNumerical valueMandatory
    PeriodDrop down listPeriod type of the OffsetMinute/Hour/Day/Month/YearMandatory
  2. To create the filter, click Add filter. The newly created filter appears on the Filters list.

  3. Click Save.

  4. To apply the newly created filter, proceed in the same way as in the Apply a chart filter section:

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