The Container component is a component holder. By default, components added to a Container are nested.

Add a new row

You add components to rows in the page zones.

To add a new row:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Pages.

  3. In the sitemap, select the page to which you want to add a new row.

  4. On the Layout tab, in the zone where you want to add a row, click Row .

  5. Add a Container component.


You can also add a row by duplicating an existing row. To do this, in the existing row, click More options and select Duplicate.

Modify row settings


To configure the page layout, see page configuration layout.

To modify row settings:

  1. On the Layout tab, in the row header, click Row settings .

  2. In the Row settings dialog box, change any of the following settings:

    General tab
    ROW WIDTHDrop-down listSets the row width.Full-width(default) / Limit-width + numerical value.Mandatory
    MARGINS AND PADDINGDrop-down listsSets the size of each margin and padding of the row (Margin-top, Margin-bottom, Padding-top, Padding-left, Padding-bottom, Padding-right).0px / 4px / 8px / 16px / 24px / 32px / 64px / 128pxMandatory
    BACKGROUNDColor paletteDefines the background color of the row.All colors of the RGB color model.Optional
    Columns tab
    COLUMN LAYOUTShape selectionSets the number of columns in the row and their relative weigths.Eleven layouts are available.Mandatory
    RESPONSIVENESSDrop-down listsOverrides the layout settings for different screen sizes (Large, Medium, Small, Extra small).1, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4Mandatory
    Content layout tab
    DirectionDrop-down listSets the direction of a column.Vertical/HorizontalMandatory
    AlignItemsDrop-down listDefines how the components are positioned inside a column.Top/Middle/BottomMandatory
  3. Click Update.

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