Disable deep zoom

The deep zoom feature can be disabled in the Search component or the Entity image viewer, depending on the set up of the page.

Search component

The following steps explain how to disable this feature:

  • Go to the search component where the deep zoom needs to be disabled:

    1. Go to Manage.
    2. Go to Pages.
    3. Search for the page containing the search component (e.g. Assets).
    4. Click on the search component to edit it.
  • In the search component, Go to the Output tab and select Inline preview.

  • Under Inline preview, toggle the Disable deep zoom button to disable the feature.

  • Save and close the search component.

Entity image viewer

On the Entity image viewer component, you disable Deep Zoom by toggling the Disable deep zoom switch to On.

In the following example, Deep Zoom is disabled on the Asset Details page:

  1. Navigate to the Asset details page and locate the Entity image viewer:

  2. Toggle the switch to Custom settings enabled:

  3. On the more actions icon, select Edit:

  4. Toggle the Disable deep zoom switch to On:

  5. Click on Save and close.

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