The Modal page component enables links to other pages containing information on the current entity.

To add a Modal component, on the component detail page:

  1. Configure the parameters:

    Link to pageDrop-down listPage to link.All available pages in your solution.Mandatory
    Button labelStringLabel of the button to open the linked page.Label of the open button.Optional
    LocalizationDrop-down listSets the localization of the page.Available localization in your solution.Mandatory
  2. (Optional) To configure a button on the linked page, click +; set the following parameters; then click Add button:

    LabelStringLabel of the additional button on the linked page.Label of the button.Optional
    ActionDrop-down listAction trigger by the button. You can save the changes made on the linked page or simply close the page.Close / SaveMandatory
    StyleDrop-down listVisual aspect of the button.Primary / LinkMandatory
  3. Click Save.

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