The Chart view displays search results as a multi-dimensional chart with various aggregation operations and drilldown types.

There are three configuration tabs available in Chart:

  1. Data
  2. Chart settings
  3. Drilldown options


In the Data tab, you can configure the source data populating the chart.

To configure the source data:

  1. Set the Principal dimension parameters:

    DimensionDrop-down listSelects the data that feeds the chartList of possible dimensionsMandatory
    Include missing valuesToggle switchIf enabled, includes missing values in the chartEnabled/DisabledOptional
    TopDrop-down listFilters out a subset of the entire data resultsTop all / Top 5 / Top 10 / Top 25 / Top 50 / Top 250 / Top 500Mandatory (for non-time dimensions)
    IntervalDrop-down listSets the interval period to represent time dimensionsHour / Day / Month / YearMandatory (for time dimensions only)
  2. (Optional) Add a second dimension: in the Group by section, set the secondary dimension parameters in the same manner as the main dimension.

  3. To add an aggregation, in the Options section, set the following parameters:

    Aggregation typeDrop-down listSelects the aggregation type to applyCount / Average / Sum / Min /MaxMandatory
    Aggregation memberDrop-down listDefines the aggregation memberAsset.DrmComplexity / FileSize / AverageRatingMandatory (not required for Count aggregation type)
    SortingDrop-down listSorts the results alphabetically or metricallyAlphabetical/MetricMandatory
    OrderDrop-down listSorts the results in ascending or descending orderAscending/DescendingMandatory

Chart settings

In the Chart settings tab, you can set the display options.

The display parameters are:

Chart typeDrop-down listSelects the chart typeNumber / Column / Line / Pie / DonutMandatory
Metric labelStringCustom label for the y-axis of the chart.String valueOptional
Enable legendToggle switchDisplays data about the datasets appearing on the chart (enabled by default)Enabled/DisabledOptional
Enable downloadToggle switchAllows you to download the chartEnabled/DisabledOptional

Drilldown options

In the Drilldown types options list, select one of the following options:

  1. None: does not set a drilldown option.
  2. Inline: sets an inline drilldown.
  3. Redirect to: sets a redirect to drilldown.


The Inline drilldown requires a table view on the Search component. It displays a detailed list of entities corresponding to the dimensional values of the selected chart element.

Redirect to

The Redirect to drilldown redirects you to another page.

To define the redirection page:

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the redirection page.
  3. Click Select page to redirect to.

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