The Selection component allows you to create selections and perform custom actions on them.


The Selection component requires at least one search or entity list component to be configured on the page.


At least one selection relation must be set in the operations tab, in order for the Selection component to work.

This section contains the following:

  1. General settings
  2. Operations

General settings

To configure a Selection component, on the component detail page, in the General settings tab, set the following parameters:

Linked search componentDrop-down listDefines the list or search component that will be used for selection.All search and list components available on the page.Mandatory
Show select allToggle switchDisplays an option to either select all or select none.Enabled/DisabledOptional
Copy to clipboardToggle switchDisplays an option to copy the selected search items to the clipboard.Enabled/DisabledOptional
Enable export to ExcelToggle switchDisplays an option to export the selected search items to Excel.Enabled/DisabledOptional
Operations display formatDrop-down listDefines how the operations are displayed on the menu.Label / Icon + LabelMandatory
Ignore permissionsToggle switchIgnores the default security check that only displays the component when a user or user group has the required permissions.Enabled/DisabledOptional
AlignmentDropdown listDefines the placement of the operations that can be performed on the selection.Right/LeftMandatory
Selection poolRadio buttonsDefines where the selected items are stored.Shared pool / Page-specific poolMandatory

A selection pool can be unique to a single search component or shared between multiple search components.

Export to Excel

When the Enable export to Excel parameter is enabled, you will see an extra tab Export Excel Settings. This allows you to generate additional data from related definitions in your export. To add a definition, click on the Export Excel Settings tab and configure the actions below:

To add a definition, click on the Export Excel Settings tab and configure the actions below:

  1. Click Add definition.
  2. Select the desired definition from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.

Since release 3.4.7, the Export Excel feature includes language selection.


To define the operations authorized with the Selection component, click the Operations tab, and configure the actions:

  1. Click Add definition and select the desired definition from the drop-down list.

  2. Click Add operation and add the desired operations from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Save.


For additional information on entity operations, see entity operations component.

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