Sitecore Content Hub modules are available as a fully managed cloud environment. The cloud license is based on the user seats that allocate users to your account. The number of seats corresponds to the number of users who can use the module.

Sitecore manages the licensing process. Superusers assign licensed modules to users and user groups but cannot update licenses. By default, superusers have access to all available modules while other users can only access the modules assigned to them.

Each module listed on the License tab has the following properties:

ModuleModule name
Total seatsNumber of available seats
Used seatsNumber of seats currently in use
Available seatsNumber of remaining open seats

Each module corresponds to a solution:

MediaSitecore DAM™
ProjectSitecore MRM™
ContentSitecore CMP™
PrintSitecore W2P™
ProductSitecore PCM™
SitecoreConnectForCreativeCloudSitecore DAM™

In addition to the modules listed above, you can request to enable the Free modeling module. This module lets you model any content type. While this module can model the other content types that have a dedicated module, it does not provide the module-specific functionalities associated with those content types.

To view the License tab:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .
  2. On the Manage page, click Stats.
  3. On the Stats page, click the License tab.

    The License tab displays the modules available for your account and the seat numbers assigned.

User seats

The Used seats property is updated once a day based on the active user count with the available license seats. Users are active if they are not disabled and have a particular module assigned.


If the number of seats is exceeded for a given module, the system logs out users with the oldest login dates and displays a message informing them that the number of used seats was exceeded. If you need to increase the number of user seats, contact your Sitecore Content Hub account manager.

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