User group policy use cases

The following use cases use a sample user group called demo_user_group.

Use case 1

The user group policy configuration is as follows:

  • Rule for the M.Asset entity definition:

    • Condition: M.Final.LifeCycle.Status definition = Approved

    • Permissions: Read, DownloadOriginal, DownloadPreview, Order, and ReadAnnotations:

  • Rule for Portal.Page entity definition:

    • Conditions:

      • Portal.Page: Annotations
      • Portal.Page: Assets
      • Portal.Page: Asset detail page
      • Portal.Page: Search
      • Portal.Page: Download options
      • Portal.Page: Order
    • Permission: Read

Members of the demo_user_group can:

  • View all approved assets in the standard repository.
  • Download the original and preview files of these assets.
  • Create a download order.
  • View the annotations.
  • Navigate to the Search page, Asset detail page, Order page, Downloads page, and Annotate page.

However, they cannot edit assets, perform actions or even view other pages (for example, upload files, add annotations, see the Review page, etc.).

Use case 2

To the demo_user_group, add the following rule:

  • Rule for the M.Asset entity definition:

    • Conditions:

      • M.Final.LifeCycle.Status definition = Approved
      • M.Content.Repository definition = Standard
      • M.AssetType definition = Archive.
    • Permissions: Read, and Update:

Now, group members can view and edit the approved assets of the Archives asset type in the standard repository:

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