Resource planning

Through the Resource Planning feature, the Managers can proactively check the resource consumptions in general or specific to a project, a multi-stage project or a stage within a multi-stage project. It provides managers with a clear view of users with assigned tasks, which makes them more aware of the current users' workload when assigning new tasks.

View resource planning

The resource planning can be viewed through Resource planning under the Project tab. The information that managers can view is based on their security levels. However, the total amount of weight is accessible across all projects, even with no read permissions on the other projects. This provides an overview of their workload related to other projects.

Managers can either see the general resource allocation or resource allocation on a specific project.

General resource planning

General resource planning displays resource information as they are distributed across all projects that are visible to the user.

Project-specific planning

The Project-specific planning, on the other hand, displays the resource allocation in an entire project.

Managers can view the tasks assigned to a specific user by clicking on that user's row. In the overview, the task weights are displayed for each day. If a task spreads across multiple days, the weight is spread out evenly. The duration of the tasks is displayed on the timeline with a color that represents the status. Hovering over the task provides additional information.

There are always four weeks displayed in this timeline with a red bar highlighting the current day. Users can navigate through previous dates or future dates by clicking on the arrows next to the months. The Today button switches the display back to the original weeks.

The horizontal facet User filters the results to a specific user. All the other default facets (Task type, Status, Priority and Item) filter the tasks displayed within the calendar view.

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