Add products to a commerce catalog

To add products to a commerce catalog:

  1. On the menu bar, click Products and select Commerce catalogs.
  2. Click the desired commerce catalog to open its detail page.
  3. On the detail page, click + Add to add products:

  4. You have two options:

Add existing items

The Add existing items option opens the Add existing items dialog box, which lists all the existing products.

To add existing products:

  1. If necessary, use the full-text and faceted search capabilities to filter the list of products.

  2. Click the checkboxes to select the products you want to add to your catalog.

  3. Click Add.

    The selected products are then included in the commerce catalog.

Paste from clipboard

The Paste from clipboard option requires that you have copied products to the clipboard. In this example, on the Products page, we use the faceted search of the brand Powerful to return a result set.

To copy the result set, click Show all items and select Copy to clipboard .

Back on the commerce catalog detail page, after clicking + Add, select Paste from clipboard :

  • The products are then pasted from the clipboard to the commerce catalog.
  • A notification informs you that the process is in progress.
  • Once the process is complete, the products are added to the commerce catalog.

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