Commerce catalog detail page

The Commerce catalog detail page lists all the products included in the commerce catalog, with full-text and faceted search capabilities.


Superusers can customize the faceted search to include any metadata fields in the Search component.

In this example, the following facets are displayed with selections available via the drop-down list:

  • Brand
  • Product category
  • Product family

You can sort the list of products by:

  • Date created
  • Date modified
  • Name
  • Created by

To reverse the sort direction, click Reverse sort direction .

If you select some of the products in the commerce catalog, then the operations bar is displayed.

This operations bar provides the following options:

  • Clear selection : clears the selection of products.

  • Edit in table : opens a Products mass edit in table page. You can edit and save the selected products.

  • Remove : unlinks and removes the product from the catalog.

  • Export to excel : downloads the selected products' data in a .xlsx file format. You can include further formatting to the .xlsx file:

    • User-friendly column headers: uses labels instead of technical member names for column headers. Please note this file cannot then be re-imported.
    • User-friendly cell values: adds extra columns with user-friendly labels for every value.
  • More actions : offers two further options:

    • Show selected only
    • Copy to clipboard

Commerce catalog metadata

The metadata of the commerce catalog, found on the left-hand side of the page, makes the data in Sitecore PCM findable, available, integrated, and reusable.

Add products to a commerce catalog

On a commerce catalog detail page, click + Add to add products. For more details, see Add products to a commerce catalog.

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