Commerce catalogs

Commerce catalogs are a powerful Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM)™ function including features to help you manage the catalog taxonomy, product specifications, descriptions, images, and so on, from a single repository.

As a user, you need to see the required display of products, meaning they need to manage product information as a hierarchically structured catalog with drill-down functionality. Sitecore PCM enables organizations to define a commerce catalog structure by creating a high-level taxonomy that lets you classify and categorize products and manage catalog versions.

To see your commerce catalogs, on the menu bar, click Products and select Commerce catalogs:

The Commerce catalogs page displays all the commerce catalogs in either a grid or a table format. You can change the display using the view selector .

The following table shows the difference between the grid layout and the table layout.

Grid layoutTable layout

Superusers can customize the view layout further through the Search component.

For further information about commerce catalogs, see:

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