Add products to a product family

To add products to a product family:

  1. On the menu bar, click Products and select Product families.
  2. Click to open the required product family.
  3. Click the Products tab.
  4. Click + Add.

    You have three options to select from:

    • Product
    • Add existing items
    • Paste from clipboard


The Product option opens a Product dialog box, which you can use to create a new product.

  1. In the Product creation dialog box, set up the following properties:

    • Name: mandatory text field.

    • Label: optional text field.

    • Number: optional text field to hold an alphanumeric value such as an SKU number.

    • Product family: multi-selection box. This box lists all the existing product families. The product family in which this new product is being created is automatically selected.

    • Short description: optional text box to provide a brief description of the new product.

    • Commerce catalog: multi-selection box that lists all the existing commerce catalogs.

  2. Click Create.

    The new product is created and listed under the Products tab of the product family detail page:

Add existing items

Selecting Add existing items allows you to link existing products with the product family. In the Link items dialog box:

  1. Click the checkboxes to select the desired products.
  2. Click Add to confirm.

    The linked items are then displayed under the Products tab:

Paste from clipboard

Paste from clipboard allows you to copy products to the clipboard and then past them to the product family.


To use the Paste from clipboard operation, you first need to copy the assets to the clipboard.

In this example, we filter products using the Powerful facet search in Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM)™ as follows:

  1. On the Products page, click the Powerful facet search.
  2. Click the checkboxes to select the desired products.
  3. Click Show all items and select Copy to clipboard:

  1. Back to the product family detail page, click + Add and select Paste from clipboard.

    The previously copied products are pasted into the product family. A notification informs you that items are being pasted:


The Paste from clipboard operation checks for duplication and keeps only the original product link.

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