Product details page

The Product details page contains three main tabs:

You can also delete a product from this page.

Details tab

Under the Details tab, the data of the product is separated into two main sections:

  • Product
  • Commercial


The Product section of the Details tab provides the following core details:

  • Name: mandatory text field.

  • Label: optional text field.

  • Number: optional text field that you can use to hold an alphanumeric value, such as a SKU number.

  • Product family: multi-selection box that lists all the existing product families.

  • Short description: optional text box that you can use to provide a brief description of the new product.

  • Long description: optional text box that you can use to provide a lengthy description of the new product.

To edit the details of the product:

  1. Click Edit in the Product section.

    The Product section opens in an editable form.

  2. Make the required edits and click Save to confirm your changes.


The Commercial section of the Details tab consists of two metadata fields:

  • Product status
  • Commerce catalog

Both fields have a history display option: to see it, click History :

  • The Product status history includes the status of the product after each update.
  • The Commerce catalog history displays the changes to the Commerce catalog field of the product.

To edit either the Product status or the Commerce catalog:

  1. In the Commercial section, click Edit .

  2. In the Commercial dialog box, make your edits:

    • To add a value, click Add .
    • To delete a value, click Delete .
  3. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Assets tab

The Assets tab displays the associated assets uploaded for the product and the linked assets that already exist in Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)™.


To add a new asset to a product, see Add assets to a product.

The Assets tab provides full-text and faceted search capabilities:

  • You can sort the list of assets by:
    • Localization
    • Asset type
    • Asset media
    • Restricted
    • Date created
    • Date modified
    • Title
  • To reverse the sort direction, click Reverse sort direction .

Comments tab

The Comments tab allows you to make new comments and reply to existing comments related to the product.

For more information, see:

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