Known issues 4.1.x

This section explains the known issues in the 4.1.x release:

TicketKnown issue
MONE-28211The View detail operation does not support content detail page.
MONE-27811Localizations are not supported in the public collection download.
MONE-28055Pages, such as the Manage page or Asset details page that utilize the SignalR library, do not render correctly on iPads. For a list of supported browsers, see Browser compatibility.
MONE-27631When using multi-language properties in the Entity List component, the sorting only works for English. In future releases, this component will be deprecated.
MONE-27524With infinite scrolling enabled, if you try to use the refresh icon below the search bar to refresh the results, only the first batch of items is getting loaded. This will be fixed in future revisions of infinite scrolling. Workarounds are: refresh using the browser or double click the refresh button under the Content Hub™ search bar.
MONE-29206Fields within a content entity seem to be retaining unsaved changes. This is visible when you put the CK Editor into an editing mode. This is being investigated and will be fixed in future revisions.

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