Technical updates 4.1.0 release

The technical updates in Sitecore Content Hub™ 4.1.0 include upgrades to the technology stack and other technical optimizations to ensure better performance and more reliability.

React & Knockout compatibility: mixing both technologies on one page Content Hub 4.1.0 has combined React and Knockout, mixing both technologies on a single page. Use cases covered:
  • React page & Knockout components.
  • React page & React tabs component & Knockout components.
  • Open modal: React page & Knockout components.
  • Open modal: full Knockout page.
React testing framework Content Hub 4.1.0 has:
  • Created a framework that makes it easy to set up integration tests with multiple components and test data.
  • Provided documentation with testing guidelines and best practices.
Application performance management (APM) Elastic APM provides insights into how long each part of the API or JavaScript takes to load or render. To be able to trace performance issues better in the future, Content Hub 4.1.0 has:
  • Implemented APM in Knockout.
  • Implemented APM in React.
Pluggable preview & additional 3D formats supported Content Hub 4.1.0 has added the ability for superusers to configure a viewer for currently non-supported file formats.

Pluggable preview maps input formats or renditions to a viewer. The mapped viewer can either be an internal viewer provided OOTB or an external viewer configured using an external component within the same setting.

Additional 3D formats supported:

  • OBJ
  • STL
  • glTF/GLB
Search Library (Elasticsearch) Content Hub 4.1.0 has:
  • Moved search components to the new library (Sitecore.CH.Search).
  • Increased code coverage by adding new unit tests and integration tests.
  • Zero-downtime reindexing.
  • Zero-downtime upgrade (rolling upgrade).
  • Implemented full-feature SearchAfter querying.
Cluster ready low-level storage Content Hub 4.1.0 has implemented cluster-ready low-level storage to accommodate significant memory needs:
  • Storing entities and entity definitions.
  • Querying layer.
  • Temporary proxy between the application and the new storage layer.

Central messaging platform v1 Content Hub 4.1.0 has implemented a central messaging platform as a communication layer between the different inter-service communication (ISC) micro-services.

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