Operational tools

Sitecore Content Hub™ architecture and services are supported by world-class tooling, DevOps and SecOps best practices, configuration management using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and faster provisioning with advanced deployment automation scripts.

The following diagram shows the main operational tools used to manage and deliver the infrastructure behind Content Hub.

Product Operations Portal (developed in-house)Provides a customized aggregate of information for each customer, facilitating a single point for the administration, cost management, and capacity planning of internal teams. Acts as an integration point between the Product Operations, Customer Enterprise Management and Sales teams.
Hashicorp ConsulPrimary Inventory tool used for Ansible and Terraform. Checks that configuration items are added upon creation, modified when updated, and removed when deleted. Provides a source of truth for the application infrastructure.
Hashicorp Vault and Azure KeyVaultCentralizes the storage of configuration secrets, providing secure access to infrastructure resources when needed, including time-based access. allowances.
AnsibleAn Information Technology (IT) automation tool used for configuration management and deployment. Allows automated deployment and setup of Content Hub.
TerraformPrimary IaC tool used to define and provision the cloud infrastructure. Defines the desired state of the infrastructure and then executes it to build the described infrastructure. As the configuration changes, Terraform determines what changed and creates incremental execution plans to apply.

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