Chili publisher

Chili publisher is an online publishing engine integrated into Sitecore Content Hub™ to create a valuable and powerful print solution. This feature provides high-quality print entities while maintaining consistent brand guidelines. This integration seamlessly integrates the Chili publishing engine into the publications workflow of the print module.

Producing artwork and publications is a slow, complex, and expensive process. The process includes checks on guidelines, styles, color schemes, fonts, symbols, and brand identity guidelines.

Chili publisher is a feature-rich online document editor and smart template creation tool. This all-in-one tool provides you with everything needed to layout documents, create templates, program logic, lock page elements, set up variables, create alternate layouts, define the character and paragraph styles. Chili publisher uses features to simplify and automate graphic design and production. It lets users with little or no graphic design knowledge create or edit a document themselves, and it can automate graphic production. Chili publisher generates ready-to-go output files for print and digital.

The integration aims to scale the creation of print publications into a straightforward workflow, where the user logs in and is assigned permissions and constrained access to the templates.

The Chili publisher feature comes with two main components: publications and templates.

Publications provide several benefits:

  • Scaling: less time and effort spent on account management, for example, dealing with customers requesting changes.

  • Personalization: user design within a protected smart template.

  • Automation: need for individual design work massively reduced.

Templates let users convert their static graphics into smart templates, which blend design decisions, document intelligence, brand guidelines, and automation into a flexible, easy-to-customize template. These smart templates allow everyone self-service access to customizable designs with complete confidence.


Cloudflare is used for geo-redundency with the Chili publisher.

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