Using a single sandbox environment

The easiest way to develop on the Sitecore Content Hub platform is to use the User Interface. Developers can create new components, customize or extend existing components using powerful nested tools.

In this scenario, all of the development is directly implemented against the single instance of the production environment where changes are immediately deployed and made available for end-users.

A typical development lifecycle

  1. Plan and analyze functional requirements.
  2. Identify which components need to be created or modified.
  3. Make the changes accordingly in the instance.
  4. Publish changes.

A single developer can effectively make changes to the production instance using this method. However, when multiple developers are involved, it is more effective to opt for a multi-sandbox environment.

In this scenario, testing the changes before publishing them is not possible. If the changes are complex and need to be tested beforehand, it is more appropriate to opt for a multi-sandbox environment.

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