Javascript SDK changelog

All notable changes to the SDK will be documented in this file.



  • Translation client: allows to manage translations.
  • AssetClient.CreatePublicLinkAsync(): allows to create a public link for the specified asset.
  • EntitiesClient.CopyAsync(): allows to copy an entity by id to a new or existing entity.
  • ArrayBufferUploadSource: provides access to a file in the local file system that will be uploaded to Content Hub.
  • Entity relations can be set relations using identifiers instead of ids.


  • Query.LoadConfiguration: has been marked as obsolete and it will be remove in a future release.


  • Various bugs



  • Function to commands client to return raw HTTP response.
  • New converter for aggregate entity relations.


  • Entity resource's dates are ISO formatted.


  • Mapping of relation resources.
  • Mapping of entity resources.
  • Entity IDs validation.
  • Mapping of entity definition resources.


Initial release of the SDK. The SDK works on version 3.3.0 and higher of Sitecore Content Hub.

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