Media processing use cases

This section illustrates media processing best practices with concrete use cases.

Use case 1

As a Sitecore Content Hub™ external agency user, I want to have a downloadable high-resolution rendition to use in my local design applications, which I need to deliver to my client as a banner for their next marketing campaign.

Proposed solution:

  • In the Image flow, create a high-resolution JPEG, 16:9, 3400x2200 rendition, and save the link as new.
  • In the Vector flow, create a high-resolution PNG, no background, 16:9, 3400x2200 rendition.

Use case 2

As a Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)™ user, I want to have a downloadable low-resolution rendition for stock images or brand photography, which I find in Sitecore DAM for use in my Powerpoint presentations.

Proposed solution:

The desired resolution is smaller than the Preview rendition resolution. Thus, you can create a low-resolution rendition from the Preview rendition.

Use case 3

As a wCMS user, I want to have different crops available for our website components to embed as a public link in our corporate website and marketing campaign landing pages.

Proposed solution:

The following table lists transformation examples that you can use.

Component nameDimensionSuffixNotes
Hero Banner -Medium1008x952HeroMedium_DtRetina ready
Half Width Banner564x475HalfWidth
Auto Play Video530x370AutoVideo
Teaser Component542x326Teaser
CTA with Background Image570x344CtaBackground
CTA Overlapped Image -Left707x392CtaOverlappedLeftThis crop needs to leverage transparency
CTA Overlapped Image -Right597x400CtaOverlappedRightThis crop needs to leverage transparency
Insights Article -Hero960x540InsightsArticleHero
Insights Article -Feature716x465InsightsArticleFeature

Extending the logic in the wCMS automatically adds the transformation query string inside the public link when embedded in specific components or page templates.

Use case 4

As a social media manager, I want to have a few standard crops available for social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Proposed solution:

Create the following renditions:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn1200x628Social_1200x628

If there is no integration to a social media management platform, make the renditions available for download for offline processes.

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