Product review flow

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ offers built-in state flows. You can use these state flows to define a recurring process, such as a review flow for your content, products, or smart print templates.

A commonly used state flow is the product review state flow. This document guides you on creating a product review state flow and extending the Sitecore CMP state flow.


This document provides best practices and generic steps to follow, not a complete procedure.

To create a new product review state flow, follow these steps:

  1. Create taxonomy values for the build-in M.PCM.ProductStatus taxonomy definition. Typical statuses are: Created, Under review, Rejected, Approved, and Archived.
  2. Configure security rules for each product status. That is, define which user groups should have permissions to read, update, or delete products, depending on their state. For example, a user group can read Created and Under Review products, while another group can only read Approved products.
  3. Create a product review state flow that reflects your company product review process.
  4. Assign user groups to each state.
  5. Assign the users that you want to take part in this state flow to the M.Builtin.SM.Everyone user group. This user group provides access to state flow actions and components.
  6. Extend the product detail pages with state flow actions and state machine viewer to improve the user experience.
  7. Create an action of Type Start state machine that starts the product review state flow.
  8. Create a trigger:

Other best practices

  • Consider all possible processes required to review a product. If certain product types require a different flow, you need to create a new state flow that triggers only for that product type. To configure this, refer to Extend CMP state flows.
  • You should always display the full state flow on the product detail page for a better user experience.
  • Change the master layout of product detail pages to display a state machine viewer and an entity details component that shows state flow-specific properties, such as assignee.
  • When the reviewer group is different for each product, use dynamic user groups.

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