Sitecore Content Publisher (Chili) template review flow

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) offers built-in state flows. You can use these state flows to define a recurring process, such as a review flow for your content, products, or smart print templates. This means that for the Sitecore Content Publisher, you can extend the state flow for the template review process as described here.


The Chili Publisher has been rebranded as the Sitecore Content Publisher.

To create a review state flow for Sitecore Content Publisher (Chili) templates:

  1. Create a taxonomy definition for the template life cycle with the values Created, In review, Rejected, and Approved called, for example, Chili.Publication.Status and assign a unique color per value.
  2. Create a relation between the life cycle taxonomy and the M.Chili.Publication schema definition called, for example, StatusToChiliPublication.
  3. Enable the state flow called, for example, M.Chili.Publication.
  4. Create a user group for Sitecore Content Publisher super administrators. Because upload packages and edit template actions are only visible to M.Builtin.Chili.Administrators, if you need a reviewer group with extended permissions such as review or edit, you need to define it in a new user group called, for example, Chili.SuperAdmin and assign the following permissions:
    • Chili.Publication.Status definition with In Review status: Read, Update, DownloadOriginal, DownloadPreview, and ViewNotWatermarked.
    • Chili.Publication.Status definition with Approved status: Update and Delete.
  5. Update the M.Builtin.Chili.Administrators user group permissions to:
    • Chili.Publication.Status definition with Created or Rejected status: Read, Update, Delete, DownloadOriginal, DownloadPreview, and ViewNotWatermarked.
    • Portal.Page: Annotation detail: Read.
    • Chili.Publication.Status definition: Read.
  6. Update the M.Builtin.Chili.Everyone user group to Read Approved templates.
  7. Assign the users that you want to take part in this state flow to the M.Builtin.SM.Everyone user group. This user group provides access to state flow actions and components.
  8. Create a template review state flow that reflects the template review process at your company.
  9. Assign user groups to each state.
  10. Create an action of Type Start state machine that starts the template review state flow.
  11. Create a trigger:
  12. Enable and display the template review flow on all relevant pages:

    • Extend the Template detail page with state flow actions and a state machine viewer.
    • On the Template detail page, update the creation component to assign the Created publication status at creation.
    • On the Template detail page, update the details component to disable the state flow properties.
    • On the Template creation page, update the details component to disable the state flow properties.
    • On the Template search page, update the output settings to show the publication status as a badge based on the color of the taxonomy.
    • On the Template search page, add a horizontal facet to filter based on Chili.Publication.Status.

    For detailed procedures on configuring page components, see Page components

Other best practices

  • Consider all possible processes required to review a product. If certain product types need a different flow, you need to create a new state flow triggered only for that product type. See Extend CMP state flows.
  • When the reviewer group is different for each product, use dynamic user groups.
  • If there are templates in your environment, you need to link them to the state flow.

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