Manage menu

If you are a superuser, you can access the Manage page to configure and maintain your Sitecore Content Hub solution. This document describes all the menu items available on the Manage page.

The menu items are grouped into four categories:

  • Data (red)
  • Portal (yellow)
  • Processing (green)
  • System (blue)

The following image shows the Manage page:


This category groups the items you can use to create and manipulate data.

ItemFrom there you can
AggregatesCreate and manage aggregates.
Archived assetsView and manage archived assets.
Content typesCreate and manage Content Marketing Platform (CMP) content types.
Copy profilesCreate and manage copy profiles.
Delivery platformConfigure the delivery platform publications.
EntitiesCreate and manage entities.
Export profilesCreate and manage export profiles.
Import/ExportImport and export data using Excel files.
Locked assets View and manage locked assets.
OpenAPIConfigure third-party services.
Option listsCreate and manage option lists.
SchemaCreate and manage entity definitions.
Security diagnosticsCheck which permissions a user has on an entity.
TaxonomyCreate and manage taxonomies.
TrashView and manage the assets that users moved to the trash.


This category groups the items you can use to customize your Content Hub portal.

ItemFrom there you can
Email templatesView and manage email templates.
Master layoutCreate and manage master layouts.
News itemsCreate and manage new items.
PagesCreate and configure portal pages.
Portal assetsCreate and manage portal assets.
Portal languagesManage portal languages.
Terms and conditionsConfigure the Term and conditions page.
ThemesCreate and manage portal themes.
TranslationsCreate and manage translations.
UsersCreate and manage users, user groups, and their permissions.
What's newCreate and manage What's new items.


This category groups the items related to processing activities.

ItemFrom there you can
ActionsCreate and manage action scripts.
Automation Create and manage automation templates.
Color profilesUpload and manage color profiles.
Media processingConfigure media processing flows.
Print templatesCreate and manage print templates.
ScriptsCreate and manage scripts.
State flowsCreate and manage state flows.
TransformationCreate and manage transformations.
TriggersCreate and manage triggers.
WatermarkCreate and configure watermarks.


This category groups the items related to the system and the general settings.

ItemFrom there you can
API keysCreate and manage API keys.
CacheClear the caches.
Connectors Create and manage connectors.
NotificationsConfigure notifications.
OAuth clientsCreate and manage OAuth clients.
Raw audit logView raw audit logs.
Reporting logsView reporting logs.
SettingsConfigure general settings.
StatsView usage, storage, and activity stats.

Manage items without links to dedicated pages (Locked assets, Automation, and Connectors) are preview features and therefore are only available for enrolled customers to beta test.

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