Search and filter page content

Sitecore Content Hub provides extensive search and filter features. You can use these to locate assets, content, projects, collections, and more. Besides item names, the full-text search can read metadata, letting you find items based on their keywords. The search field includes autocomplete functionality, saving you time by providing search suggestions as you type.


To make it easier to find content, you can sort page content. You can also change how page content is displayed.

Search features

Using the basic Search field, you can quickly perform a search by entering a keyword or phrase. You can use operators such as AND or OR but these operators must be uppercase (although the full-text search itself is not case-sensitive). fruitful AND lime is an example of a valid search string.

You can create more complex filters using the options on the Advanced tab. After searching assets, you can save your search letting you quickly perform it again later as needed.

Filter features

To narrow down page content so you can more easily find what you are looking for, you can apply a filter. For example, if a page lists both documents and images, you can apply a filter to display only one of these file types.

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