The OpenAPI feature allows you to integrate Sitecore Content Hub™ with third-party services, such as Box, Gmail, Salesforce, and Twitter.

OpenAPI has predictable resource-oriented URLs. It returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

With OpenAPI, you can describe your entire API, including:

  • The available endpoints (for example /M.Asset) and the operations on each endpoint (for example, GET /M.Asset or POST /M.Asset).
  • Operation parameters, with input and output for each operation.
  • Authentication methods.
  • Contact information, license, terms of use, and other information.

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OpenAPI is a preview feature. To enable the full feature, contact your Content Hub account manager.

Documentation API

The documentation API:

  • Is a public resource with no authorization required. It encompasses the documentation API and the resource view API.
  • Serves a standard OpenAPI document that can be read and interpreted by OpenAPI tools, such as Swagger UI.
  • Describes endpoints, operations, request-response schema, HTTP schemes, and security schemes hosted by the domain configured in Content Hub.

The endpoint signature of the documentation API is:


For example:


Resource view API

The resource view API:

  • Is the API that serves actual data required by business/external integration.
  • Requires authorization.

The ResourceView is obtained by applying domain specifications to a specific entity.

The endpoint signature is:


For example:


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