The following table describes standard operations you can perform on content. These operations are available on the various pages related to content, such as the content details page.

You access additional operations by clicking More actions .

IconOperationLets you ...
Add contentAdd content to a campaign. Campaigns help you plan and promote content.
Attach to campaignAttach content to a campaign.
Copy to clipboardCopy the selected content to the clipboard.
Create draftCreate a draft.
DeleteDelete the content item.
Request download
Download content or create a download order. If content is restricted, request download.
DuplicateCreate a duplication of the content.
A duplicate is not a new version but a new separate piece of content.
EditModify content.
Edit in tableUse standard spreadsheet operations to modify content in a table view.
LocalizeCreate a localization.
Paste from clipboardPaste selected content in, for example, a content collection.
Inline PreviewPreview content.
Referenced byDisplay the list of content items that reference the current content item.
Remove from campaignRemove content from a campaign.
UploadUpload content.
UsageView a usage report.
VariantsSee the variants of a content item.
Version historyView the version history logs of a content item.

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