The following table describes the operations that you can perform on assets. These operations are available on the various pages related to assets, such as asset details pages.

You can access additional operations by clicking More actions .


Available operations and their location may vary based on your permissions and the way the configuration is defined.

IconOperationLets you ...
Add to collectionAdd assets to a collection.
Add to selectionAdd the asset to a saved selection.
AnnotateAnnotate assets.
ApproveApprove assets submitted for approval.
ArchiveArchive assets.
Compare to masterCompare the selected file with the master file when an asset has multiple files.
Copy to clipboardCopy the selected assets to the clipboard.
Create draftCreate a draft asset from the current asset.
DeleteDelete assets permenantly.
Download / Request downloadDownload assets or create a download order. If an asset is restricted, request download.
Edit / Mass editEdit assets.
Edit in tableEdit assets in a table view.
Find duplicatesShow all duplicates in the system.
HistoryShow the metadata history of a property or field.
Move to trashSend assets to the trash.
Paste from clipboardPaste assets from the clipboard to the current location.
PreviewOpen the inline preview.
Public linkCreate and configure public links.
Refresh renditionRefresh asset renditions after an update.
RejectReject assets submitted for approval.
Remove from saved selectionRemove assets from a saved selection.
Share via emailShare assets using emails.
Set as masterReplace the asset master file.
Show selected onlyDisplay only the selected assets.
Submit for approvalSend created assets to review.
UploadUpload files.
UsageShow the usage of the asset in Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP).
Use direct linkRedirect to the asset thumbnail preview in a new browser tab.

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