Import/export package

The import/export package allows you to export the structural settings and changes of a Sitecore Content Hub™ environment and import them to another. Export generates a package in zipped format that you can then import to the target environment.

The import/export functionality is available under the Manage menu:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Import/Export.

It is possible to export items in two ways: including or excluding system-owned items. To change this, we select or unselect the Exclude system owned option on the Import/Export page.


System-owned items are the core functionality of the Content Hub system. This option is selected by default only for users who are system administrators as they can edit or delete system-owned items. Superusers cannot.


If you make any manual modifications to the export package, be aware that Content Hub does not offer any support to help resolve issues that might arise from these modifications.


The export package can contain the following targets:

  • Entity definitions
  • Export profiles
  • Media processing
  • Option lists
  • Policies
  • Portal pages
  • Rendition links
  • Scripts
  • Settings
  • Taxonomies
  • Triggers

Exporting any or all these targets creates a download order. This download order packages the selected items into a ZIP file format (.zip). This package contains a compact version of the data meant for export. You can then import this package.

For more details on the import/export package, see:


For best practices, see Export/Import options.

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