The Settings page allows superusers and administrators to view all the system and web settings configured for the entire Sitecore Content Hub. They are ordered by Category to allow ease of viewing and is available in differing formats; JSON, HTML and checkboxes. They are able to edit the settings and pass the changes through the environment.

The System page provides an overview of the key statistics of the Sitecore Content Hub:

  • Current activity provides an overview of the number of messages that are on each of the processing queues, as well as the results of the processing jobs.
  • Job types lists the available job types and their use in the system.
  • Job statuses are displayed through workflows, showing the status at each point of the flow.
  • Agents gives administrators and superusers insight into the status of the asset rendition agents.

The Notifications page provides all the actions for which a user can be notified on the notifications page under manage.

Cache allows users to clear specific caches in the web server environment.

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